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    Hi, I'm Agatha, it's my fave out of the many other nicks I have, like: A.B, Gaviota, Missy A. >___<<br /><br />I am looking forward to learn about many interesting topics:DD on this forum. I'm highly interested in being a Model, Fashion Designer, or a Musician: Fashion, Art, Music=(^___^)= are the three major interests I have in life. Everything around me turns into a fantasy when I can experiece any of those three categories. I am on a mission, that is, to bring happiness to those that need, because I know there are people out there that need a loyal and caring friend, I am that kind of person, but unfortunately I don't have many friends, because God knows why, maybe I'm not so vain, wealthy(I will never understand why a Supermodel can't be friends with a commoner), or perfect. I don't bite, Please help me feel welcome;))

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  1. Oh Hi there! and with regards to your question, nope, i don't think Mathias is Married!

  2. Hey Agatha! No I am not Japanese, but I LOVE Japanese music (as you guessed). I also like Dir en Grey. Kyo is so kawaii! :P:P (if he hears it he is going to kill me XDXD) Have a nice time here!

  3. Hello I'm Agatha, how are you? I was wondering if you could help me, I would like to know if Mathias Lauridsen is married?

    I can't find much about him^^thx.

  4. hello, I'm new too and I'm Agathe, welcome~0.0~, this forum is pretty much easy to surf if you have broadband hehehe, but are you Japanese? I like 12012 and Dir en Grey also MONO, but I don't know much about J-culture, I bet its interesting

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