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  1. It's $150 USD for a lipstick. Sorry Elsa, but I don't love anyone that much.
  2. Could some mods come deal with this weird ass dick measuring contest/infantalization of a fully grown woman and her body?
  3. Literally added it 30 seconds ago. I was wary of the companion app but seems to be working great now, thanks!
  4. If anyone could assist me with showing me how to grab the videos from the SI website, I'd appreciate it! My downloader doesn't work w/ their coding and I'm not savvy enough to do it on my own.
  5. SI must have really burnt some bridges with swimsuit brands because so many of these are flat out hideous. They look super dated, nothing is on trend or classic. Here for Maggie only pretty much. A lot of the posing from all the models (even veterans) looks incredibly amateur. edit: Damn, they wiped their entire Instagram. Fully committed to this rebrand.
  6. Obviously Aerie and Savage etc are just selling an idea to make sales. However, I think the issue is that we all saw how long and hard VS resisted any sort of change. They visibly dragged their feet for years, and made purposeful choices within the brand to not adapt to the new market. Now they're desperately doing this huge overcorrection that any consumer won't be able to believe. If they had made slower changes throughout the years, or eased into it, people might be more willing to buy their new strategy.
  7. 100% this. Also I'll just be happily satisfied by the fact that Elsa got her FB, Swarovski outfit, and opened a show during her Angel tenure.
  8. Eileen Gu is 17. Interesting choice for a lingerie company. I wonder how much these faces will actually be featured in campaigns. None of their current press stuff for this "collective" shows any VS product.
  9. It's interesting to me how consistently they're still using Taylor when they've dropped on significantly on any other contract girl. Grace had the Mother's Day campaign but otherwise, she's the only (former?) Angel they've used since March.
  10. Sunnies Face - Eyecrayon Campaign
  11. While I understand why VS has shifted their branding and marketing, I feel like they've really lost anything that makes them stand out as a brand now. I think they could have embraced diversity without utterly abandoning the sex appeal but everything I've seen from them lately has leaned really hard into cute/comfy with no sense of brand identity. When I look at their recent campaigns, my brain just goes "Aerie Knockoff!" I'm sure it's working for them because it's definitely how they're trending but god knows I stopped buying from them months ago because they don't offer anything I can't get elsewhere for a better price now.
  12. Download XnCovert. I save everything as webp and then just batch convert to jpg to upload.
  13. Did The Syndical already drop her? It seemed like they only signed her last fall and they were doing a ton of test shoots with her. Odd. Can't find her on Freedom Miami's boards either.
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