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  1. Happy New Year! :hug:

    1. Little Fox

      Little Fox

      Thank you, darling :wub: Happy New Year to you and your family! :hug: 

  2. Miss you so much! Hope you are well...

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes to you,my darling friend!

  4. Happy Birthday dear!You are the sweetest member on Bellazon.I hope your dreams will come true.I hope wonderful things will happen in your life.Wish you all the best,my lovely friend!

    1. Eleni


      Thank you very much!!!!!! Your words are really nice!!!!!! How are you????!!!!I wish the best to you too!!!!!!!!!!You worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the updates

  6. Thank you so much!!! I wish you all the best in the new year! Hope your dreams will come true.

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!My darling,I wish you all your dreams to come true,also a lot of happyness,love,health and wealth !!!

    1. Little Fox

      Little Fox

      Oh, it's so sweet! Thank you, dear :*

  8. I know,I am late,but Happy Birthday Angel!!!! I love you,be happy,achieve everything you want,hope all your dreams will come true!I hope you will find your true love

  9. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Little Fox

      Little Fox

      Thank you,dear =) Happy new year to you! Wish you the best!

  10. Sorry for the late wishes,but Marry Christmas! Hope you had a trully amazing holiday!

    1. FashionDream


      Thanks hun... I did! :D

  11. May I ask who is on your avi?

    1. Avika


      It's Estella Warren in Chanel no 5 commercial:)

  12. Happy birthday,dear! A little bit late,so I am very sorry! Wish all your dreams to come true!!! I hope you will reach all your goals!Love you!

  13. Thank you so much! This is too sweet)Now I am back and finally gonna visit your blog and read all the news about my favourite models

    1. Little Fox

      Little Fox

      Oh,I'm happy you're back)) And where have you been all this time?

  14. Haha,I only wish( I really adore France,French music,literature though I can`t speak French.But I can speak German,I learned it in the university

  15. Thank you so much for your kind words and support!I am so glad you like Emily! Your comments always inspire me.Best wishes to you)

    1. jj3


      (: I saw you like french culture, do you speak a bit french ?

  16. Thank you so much for amazing avis!

  17. Love is the medicine for most of mankind`s ills

  18. Where have you been angel? And how do you do? I miss you

  19. Happy Birthday ,Angel !!!! Wishing you all the best,hope all you dreams will come true! Wishing you to have wonderful birthday!

    1. Lkjh


      Thanks, sweet of you to say!

  20. Happy New Year! I hope all your dreams will come true!

  21. I never diet, and I never exercise, unless I’m running to get my next meal

  22. Kiki,your set is fabulous!!! I can`t describe how I love it!

  23. Happy Birthday!!! I wish you the best and I hope that all your dreams will come true!

    1. Little Fox

      Little Fox

      Thank you!!! :)

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