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  1. I love Julie 1 of the most beautiful woman in this world
  2. 1 of my favorite VS model, which she was an angel. mayB 1 day
  3. She is 1 of my favorite angel. She looks sweet & beautiful
  4. Thanks Honey :happy:

  5. Her name is Sandra Kubicka she is a model & has a thread here. Thank you for the welcome, you are sweet.

  6. They are so cute and adorable except for Niall. Don't know which 1 is my favorite yet.
  7. She is so pretty. She is 1 of my favorite VS model
  8. She's very beautiful. I love her eyes they are so gorgeous
  9. Her & Doutzen are my favorite angel
  10. Is that really her birthday? That is awesome We share birthday. She is my favorite rookie, she so pretty, Hope to see het next year for SI.
  11. She is so yummy. She makes me feel like a lesbo
  12. So happy to see she is versatile, she can so pull of the whole sexy thing. She Would be a great addition for VS, I could so See her with the rest of the VS model she fit in well with the models. She has the Miranda, Candice and Adriana look (the baby face with pretty bright eyes)She really have the Miranda vibe thing going on
  13. She so beautiful, I am happy to see her doing VS, she would be a perfect Angel for VS
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