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  1. She's really pretty hope to see a lot more of her for VS pink.
  2. She's very pretty. Hope she makes it for SI
  3. Can we stop talking of TSwift. Is annoying as f. I am tired hearing from her everyday when I come to this thread.
  4. Martha & Kate are the only new angels that are missing
  5. Yeah I already saw the photoshoot Taylor she looks great
  6. She can pass as Russian. I would believe her if she lied to me and said she was Russian
  7. I am not hating. I am just stating a fact. It just makes me wonder/question myself about it.
  8. I find it weird that VS chooses Josephine, & Vita for the holiday commercial instead of one if their new angels. What's the point to make Kate an angel when they never used her. They should have made Jo an angel they used her more than their current angels. It doesn't make sense.
  9. I am excited to see Candice, Solveig, & Daniela
  10. Mona x3 1.5 for each model 1.5 for each model
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