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  1. Aww, thanks Joe! *hugs*

  2. Being busy is always good though. At least I think so. lol. Haha, coincidence! Well then, happy belated birthday! ;)

  3. How's the new job going? Yeah, I guess so. lol. Why?

  4. Not much. Keeping busy with studying. Anything new with you?

  5. Hey! I'm doing alright, thanks. How have you been?

  6. Thank you. I hope you had a Happy New Year as well! *hugs*

  7. Does anyone have the VH1 Angels Across America tour video available for download? I used to have it in HQ but since my computer crashed, I lost everything. Thanks.
  8. I've missed her. She looks good for VS Pink.
  9. Hey Brian, what's up? Did you know that your girl Jessie Burciaga has a twitter? IDK if you have one, but thought I'd let you know!

  10. She is SO stunning! Can't wait to see her in the new musical-turned-movie Nine!
  11. Hi, You don't need to credit Adrianaflima. I scanned them, so you can credit me. I asked that in my post. That's the least you can do since I haven't tagged them. Thanks!
  12. I'd like to get that. I saw the commercial for it tonight and it said it has images inside of it... anyone know if it's the same images as the black tote that they had a couple of years ago?
  13. Here are the unretouched images that I've scanned. Sorry they aren't the best quality. *Please credit me if posted elsewhere! Thanks.
  14. She looks gorgeous! How many tattoos does she have?
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