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  1. What Shows Do You Watch?

    right now i am catching up on chuck and terminator: sarah connor chronicles.
  2. Last movie you saw...

    Captain America. Two thumbs way up.
  3. Your Favorite Guitar Solos

  4. Last movie you saw...

    Hangover II. Same shit .
  5. Good Or Bad !

    Haven't seen it. Dumb and Dumber.
  6. The Best CSI

    Miami is the best simply for the Caruso one-liners.
  7. NBA

    Sounds like the Lakers are pushing for Mike Brown as new coach.
  8. Books you are reading

    I just picked up Tuesdays w/ Morrie.
  9. NHL

    Vancouver took out the Sharks tonight.
  10. NFL

    So yeah... how bout this lockout. Luckily I like college football better.
  11. Movies that make you cry?

    the lion king got me lol
  12. Best TV Show Ever

  13. Which console(s) do you own?

    ps3, xbox 360. but i play my genesis more than i play the new stuff.