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  1. Regarding the Models League Thread: lol let's say Gisele and Izabel are my least favorite models. And thank you very much for your compliment :)

    1. Joe > Average

      Joe > Average

      They're definitely not what most would call conventional beauties :D although ironically they both have great hair although that could probably be said for most Brazilians though. Sure thing, she's somewhat of a crush of mine :p but its really well framed and put together in general.

  2. And I like you, Jennka :hug: :)

    1. Jennka


      Yay! Same here! Nice to see another reasonable human being here *hugz*

  3. Hi :) Just came here to say that your current sig is SO amazing! Really great design and idea :)

  4. Hi :-)

    I'm fine. How about you?

  5. How true, that's why I just like a few Victoria's Secret pictures. I think VS's retouching isn't very good...

  6. How true. Look, I have nothing against a well done retouching, but there are some photoshopped photos where I just think "WTF have they done with this beautiful woman?!"

  7. Hey, thank you very much :) But I like Nina's candids and herself in motion way more than those professional pics. They often over photoshopped this fire in her eye.

  8. Well, but I answer almost always to provocative or negative comments about Candice. :P

  9. 5 stars? Wow, thank you very much :) I'm really appreciating this

  10. Thank you very much :) The Zeki Triko Photo Shoot is one of my favorites

  11. Thank you very much! :) But I couldn't have done this without those amazing brushes from DeviantArt.

  12. Ahh, I see. Thank you very much :)

  13. Hi. Thanks for adding me as a friend :) But...why doesn't you appear in my friend list? o.o

  14. Oh my God, thank you very very much!! :D I really appreciate this! :-)

  15. I've only known her since the 2010 VS Fashion Show. I noticed her accidentally when I was looking for Adriana. xD But I fell in love with Candice immediately. :)

  16. Since when do you know Candice? :)

  17. Hey :) First friend on Bellazon! :D

  18. Thank you very much. :)

    It's Emily DiDonato.

  19. Wie gesagt, jeder macht mal Fehler, weil man abgelenkt wurde oder unkonzetriert war oder was wei

  20. Mist, meinen Kommentar hats abgeschnitten. xD Hier der Rest: Ich finde es nur lustig, wie man anhand solcher Kleinigkeiten das Heimatland einer Person ausmachen kann. :)

  21. Hey :)

    An deinem Post im Adriana Lima Forum hab ich sofort erkannt, dass du aus einem deutschsprachigen Land kommst. Du hast einen so typischen Fehler bei der Fragestellung gemacht, den k

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