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  1. Hehe :) Thanks, never been one for the drama type :) Much appreciated!

  2. That you in the pic? :O You're gorgeous !

  3. Thanks a bunch,you're a sweetheart :) Here's 5 back at you :) Take care of yourself...

  4. Hey, how you been :) just a question..where did you get that pic of Candy in your profile page? :)

  5. Oh :) I saw her first in the 2008-2009 VS show and fell off my chair :)

  6. Hey sorry for the late reply, had a hectic day yesterday :( Oh,well,i became a fan since like 2 years but joined BZ only like 7 months back :) What about you?

  7. Oh, hey, yeah :P hehe, funny how things turn out :)

  8. Addy as a friend? :)

  9. Oii! I did reply dude! :| Atleast i think i did :P

  10. Being busy yes, but being too busy ! :( :( All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy aye :P Lol, well the way to look at summer time is it's time to get out that bikini :D

  11. Hola there :) I'm doing good :) Just busy busy busy little bunny me, yeah,been a while, so how are things on your end?

  12. Thanks dude, you too :)

  13. Yo :) Weekend was good dude, you didn't get my previous msg??

  14. Hey, the way to look at it is Candice and i have something in common after all :P

  15. I see your new siggy and here i am trying to kick the habit of smoking :D

  16. Hey NO complaints on my end whatsoever :P you did a good job in picking the ones you did :)

  17. Lol, that we do and Oh Thankiee! :) And wish you the very same :) :)

  18. Hey there Candice fan, crazy here :P Nice pics you got of Candy and Lily D on your page

  19. Aw, cheer up, you'll get through it :) same here, getting stressing but hanging on, oh yeah :P

  20. Nice updates on your about me page :) thumbsup:!

  21. How's school coming along btw :)

  22. Hey!! :) i'm doing good, how's everything on your end?

  23. Ah, Kate Upton ofcourse ! How did i miss that <_< silly me, thanks :)

  24. Haha i know what you mean, it's like God himself came down to earth and hand-crafted and moulded someone so perfect ^_^

  25. Hey there :) quick question, who's that in your siggy and avatar? :)

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