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  1. Oops, my bad, that's not Ceyla Lacerda.
  2. I've read somewhere that her name is Stefania Belletti. Apparently, she was a Valentino exclusive.
  3. Her full name is Michele Gresse
  4. A - Magali Lemoine B - Ceyla Lacerda
  5. If I remember correctly, the girl in Vogue Australia pics is Carol Jackson
  6. Most likely it's Elena Kountoura with Gail
  7. The unknown looks like Dawn Greene
  8. I think it's her in Guns n' Roses Don't Cry video. She's the one with Slash in the car
  9. Do you know what year is this from?
  10. All of these scans are from Cosmopolitan 1980 dec. This first one looks a lot like Kathy Ireland to me, but isn't 1980 a little too early for her? Looks a bit like Peggy Dillard Could this one be Lauren Hutton? I am pretty sure it's Eva Voorhees Could anyone identify these models for sure?
  11. Estée Lauder Ad, Cosmopolitan 1980 December
  12. Mademoiselle 1989 February. Is this Ilonka with Roberta?
  13. Most of these pictures at Beach and also the pictures with the suncream are taken in Malibu 1989 others are taken in 1990! Some are out of already posted images from Vogue Italia 01/1990 editorial called "Sexy", some where published in different magazines 1990 like Diva Greece 10/1990 and Max Germany. I love thoese early images very much. one further of this Malibu serie from Ritts Thanks, Sheila
  14. From what year are those pictures by Herb Ritts?
  15. Is this Kelly? Eyes look like hers, but i don't remember her doing any ads for Revlon 1980
  16. Looks like Lisa to me, but i'm not sure
  17. does anybody know what year this picture is from?
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