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  1. Oops, my bad, that's not Ceyla Lacerda.
  2. I've read somewhere that her name is Stefania Belletti. Apparently, she was a Valentino exclusive.
  3. Her full name is Michele Gresse
  4. A - Magali Lemoine B - Ceyla Lacerda
  5. If I remember correctly, the girl in Vogue Australia pics is Carol Jackson
  6. Most likely it's Elena Kountoura with Gail
  7. The unknown looks like Dawn Greene
  8. I think it's her in Guns n' Roses Don't Cry video. She's the one with Slash in the car
  9. Do you know what year is this from?
  10. Nice posts,Vic! 5 stars for you !

  11. All of these scans are from Cosmopolitan 1980 dec. This first one looks a lot like Kathy Ireland to me, but isn't 1980 a little too early for her? Looks a bit like Peggy Dillard Could this one be Lauren Hutton? I am pretty sure it's Eva Voorhees Could anyone identify these models for sure?
  12. Estée Lauder Ad, Cosmopolitan 1980 December
  13. Mademoiselle 1989 February. Is this Ilonka with Roberta?
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