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  1. VOTE FOR ADRIANA ON MY SIG!!! :chicken: :chicken:
  2. Nouve

    Monica Bellucci

    vote for monica on my sig!!!! :chicken:
  3. I wrote down all your pairs joker. Expect to see them soon. And first vote: Monica.
  4. Actresses vs. Models: Round 1.1 Monica Bellucci vs. Adriana Lima Monica Bellucci vs. Adriana Lima *Rules: You can only vote once, and have one (1) vote only if you like both equally the same split the vote (.5). Go ahead and vote!
  5. Joker!! That's not very nice. But she is getting a bit boring to me, I already ran her out of my top.
  6. And I though I might add something to it, at the end of each week I'll see who won overall (like matches). And of course ferdie, you can nominate. I'll do the first match.
  7. Hey!! How's it going? :D

  8. Okay so we have a lot of competitions between models, so I though we should do one on my personal favorite, Actresses; and models again . It works the same as other competitions, you can send me pictures of an actress or model you like and I will put them up against one another. For instance Penelope Cruz vs. Karolina Kurkova...etc. etc. Do you like? Oh and I should probably change the title too, Vote for who you like better overall.
  9. Daria :wub: I hate Doutzen, but I regardless I love Daria's ad more!
  10. I love your name too!!! And yay another raquel fan!!!! Don't forget to vote in BZ's Official top ten every month. every month!!!! Especially if Raquel stays as your number one!!!!!!!
  11. Awesome now let's just hope the silly boys don't come in this thread and vote for Raica. :trout:
  12. Mr.Explain everything. Dude! Just go with the flow.
  13. Because he loves Flavia . I would call someone a name if they just came into raquel's thread and called her a horse. wait maybe I have. Oh this thread brings back memories :wub2:
  14. I vote for Julia, I don't like the let's meet in the corner thing Freja has going on.
  15. opps sorry meant KBIII for you. Mr.I have no taste in sports
  16. OMG NOUVE!! thank you soo so so so much. seriously, you rock! You're welcome I'm glad you liked it . If you don't mind me saying Liz you should check other models threads. You never know you might find something you like . P.S. They're are plenty of Adriana look-alikes working the business.
  17. I'll never get Raica appeal. Caroline Ribeiro she looks way prettier.
  18. thanks camilla she looks kind of mad though don't you think?
  19. I've read a lot of dumb, ignorant things on this forum, and this tops them ALL! Hmmm I must agree. Sorry Anthony but sweetie, you really need to open your eyes.
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