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  1. So, frenchkiki, are we good now? Did I explain myself better the 2nd time around?

  2. k_dub

    Thanx for wishing me happy b-day. I'll make sure to hit you back when yours comes around :)

  3. Happy belated new year to ya, Did you get to see the ball drop live? I'm sure there are different spanish accents, but since it is not our mother language, most of us couldn't tell on from the other.

  4. HELL YEAH!!! If it's any consolation to ya, your Red Sox swept Manny and my Dodgers, so you still got to chant "Beat L.A.", and you did.

  5. Sucks that my Lakers couldn't win last game. Why did they have to lose on my BIRTHDAY?! :( Hopefully they series will keep going tit-for-tat, then we should be OK.

  6. Thanks for wishing me happy Bday. Hopefully the Lakers winning tonight will be my present.

  7. Hey Sweet Lu, how did you like that Lakers-Celtics game last night?

  8. k_dub

    Actually, my B-Day is tomorrow, but thanks for wishing me a happy one. Also, GO LAKERS!!!

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