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  1. Haven't been here for a few days and here we go - Mahi changed her avatar))) Dare I ask why? And why child again? Is it because you don't want to single out any specific model?

    1. Mahi


      Yes.I'm so amazed how you understand me,I don't like to be linked to any model,I love them all and I care for no one over one.So that's it.

      Seems you didn't like what I did,what do you think?I always like your opinions,give me an idea and maybe I'll let you choose one for me,but not model.

    2. Mahi


      And why I changed it,I love that avi alot,and it was hard for me to change it,it was source of smiling to me,and I had to change it as a kind of changing the mood after going through difficult times,I'm not happy with the new one.

      And Happy to see you again,you always add new great stuff,and one of few who I like to talk to.Cheers hun.

    3. Single_Lady


      No, I absolutely don't don't like it, this was just a bit unexpected) Frankly, I don't know what I can ever offer you, and I don't need actually, your both avatars are very recognizable, it's like your signature - but thanks for offering)

      My mind about you is absolutely mutual, sweetheart) All the best!

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