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  1. So late,but I don't like to miss the occasion,happy b-day to you,Michael.

    1. Michael*


      Even later, but thank you very much Mahi!

  2. Happy belated birthday,Dave.I;ve just seen congrats on your thread and knew that your b-day was days ago.

  3. Hi,dear.I wanted to send you this long time ago,but wasn't sure you're from Ukraine or not.I guessed before from some posts in the past but you never confirmed it,anyway,hope everything is ok in your country,I know it's difficult and that what happens after revolutions,but we pray me and my family for the good to win and the bad to get defeated.You won't believe if I told you that I mentioned you to my family saying that my friend maybe Ukrainian and that she's absent may...

  4. Came to leave a note about your amazing Lera's set,and discovered that your B-day was only few days ago,happy birthday sweety. I never liked Lera,but really this is my 1st time to see her beautiful as this in your set,it really changed my mind about her totally,thank you for this.

    1. FashionDream


      Hi Mahi!!! :D Thanks for the bday wishes and compliments on my Lera set :hugs: I only had that set up for like an hour lol.

      How are things with you?? :)

    2. Mahi


      It's an amazing set indeed,just saw it when posting in models threads,never imagined it's Lera until when I read her name on the siggy. I'm doing great,enjoying fashion weeks updates.Did you have special party for you B-Day?

  5. Hello,girl-How've you been?miss ya so much-Do you like darkness and black color btw,I notice you always use them as theme for your avis?

    1. Single_Lady


      Hi, my dear sweet, Mahi ) Maybe I do love black more than other colors, I don't know, but I know for sure that I like gorgeous models in the great photographers' lenses )

      I love May, probably because of the weather, - we all enjoy long-expected heat after such a protracted winter.

      And how are you doing these days? From your posts I can only make an assumptions... but hey, the first years of marriage are the hardest, right? It all will settle )

      I miss you too, girl :hug:

    2. Mahi


      I'm also enjoying May,cool weather,no heat,no coldness.

      Yes,all say so,it's the hardest.God help me through it.

      Have so good times,sweety Lady.

  6. Mahi

    Hey,you just now sent me a friend request,I feel we're friends from very long time ago,snd really you're from very few people on BZ whom I consider to be real friends,thanx for adding me as friend.

    1. tzdon


      Glad you accept the Friend Request,i hope Easter was fine for you.

  7. Thanx egluze for all your work at updating lots of threads.Have nice times at whatever you do.

  8. Thanx for the friendship,and I like to say that I love all your words of wisdom that you always use.

    1. La Parisienne

      La Parisienne

      Oh! Thanks for your kindness, Mahi. I've always liked quotations.

    2. Mahi


      Then keep them coming.

  9. Loved that you got back to this avi,of all the avatars of yours that I got noticed before,this is my favourite.

    1. Cult Icon

      Cult Icon

      Thank you. But I actually plan on charging in a day or so...I'm tired of my edita avatar. :)

    2. Mahi


      You're welcome,but I'm talking about this current one which is of Freja,not Edita.Or what do you mean?

    3. Cult Icon

      Cult Icon

      I won't be wearing the Freja avatar for long. It is an interim avatar and will stay until I find something else.

  10. Hi,I sent you pm sometime ago but it said that you can't recieve any new ones,I just want to thank you for mentioning me in that reputation thread and for appreciating my work ,it's just love for catalog fashion and trends ,and sure love for contributing in BZ.Thanx again MK.You also of great contributer.

    1. modelknowledge


      My inbox fills so fast and if I don't visit for a few days that happens. No prob

  11. Thanx Jamie for all your help,you're so helpful and have great ID knowledge.

    1. jamierose


      Thanks for the comment! You are always so helpful and friendly and make great contributions to this forum.

    2. Mahi


      Thanx alot,it's always great to appreciate each other work.

  12. Happy birthday,Kiki.keep everything you believe in going,never give up.

  13. Hello.How is your skin now?and wow 1st time to know that your name is Christine,so beautiful.

    1. frenchkiki


      my skin in better but as i have a fair skin i am having sun burn over sun burn even with SPF 50!

      My name is so old fashion!Lol!

  14. It's ok,you didn't receive notification coz it's respone to someone old,if new comment then you will receive new notification.

  15. I don't know you but know your contributions,,I see today is special day,Happy birthday.

    1. Baby.Jude9


      Thanks so much! And thanks for all of your contributions as well! :D

  16. I don't do rating but only for you,5 stars for you and for everything I like about you,respectful,smart,daring,sarcastic, hot,sexy

  17. Hi SL.How are you doing hun?-you know I went to an HM store few days ago and saw Daria's pics on the walls behind the casher,I remembered you then and smiled

    1. Single_Lady


      Oh, hi Mahi, I’m glad you’re back) I'm actually busy with small apartment renovation now. Not a big deal really, just to refresh the look a little, hoping it will be finished in a few days.

      So, how was your days off? Hope you had a good time)

    2. Mahi


      I had those small renovations last summer,they took some time though they're little but the results were wonderful,wish u the same results I had.

      I did have good time off,I went to a resort by the Meditrranean and had great time,the sea looks like a dream there,I have sea in my city but that area was really more fascinating,the colour of water,the rocks,the pure sands.

    3. Single_Lady


      You're a lucky man! I'm even a little bit jealous on you)))

      And thanks, Mahi, I also hoping for good results)))

  18. thanx alot,I don't really think I deserve five stars,oh I'm so blushed.thx sweet dear Crista

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