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  1. https://www.bellazon.com/main/profile/156607-murat90442069/ This profile picture is not suitable for such an honourary place as BZ I guess.It really bothered me.Can there be a solution to hide it or is it allowed here?
  2. Read somewhere today that Tom Brady is to leave his team(don't know which team or even which sport).but I was surprised that he is still a player ,I have known his name so long time ago,since being related to Gisele,he was not that young then.SO weird. Oh Corona, I am still alive,but for how long to come😪
  3. Kaia Gerber Nothing special about her at all.I really don't like her face,sense of fashion,or body,she's way so much far from her great beautiful model mum,Cindy. With only height ,which many ordinary have,she just has the benefit of being a famous model's daughter.
  4. How weird though we call it a virtual world, I still remember my online friends and members here in BZ.It's been more than four years of almost complete absence (except shortly logging in 2018) but I still remember people here;frenchkiki,fashiondream,tzdon(oh I miss you so much German calm guy,i know you won't read this as it's not of your fav places here😀😀),single lady,pinkcouture,jennka,Iluvparpara or adriana now😍 I miss the place so much,I never forgot it,every now and then it came to my mind weirdly though.What is good about this is that I have been so busy doing other great things and going forward in my studies and career.
  5. Wondering what is Bz'ers' attitude towards Kaia Gerber??--like or not....
  6. @frenchkiki ^And you're still my favourite trolling person here,cause you use it in the right time at the right place,no high or excessive use ,with sense of intelligence and politeness. You do it right Kiki,really, and when you troll,any one can argue with you ,can understand you.I remember you have great ability to distiguish and know people so well. Thanx for welcoming hun,if you still remember,if you believe,I told you about gowns shop named Kiki,it always reminds me of you everytime I go past it or shop at it.,last time was two weeks ago
  7. And after all these years,I finally discover that my internet speed is good enough and it's only BZ that is slow.Two years ago,when i used to spend most of my free times posting here I didn't realise or notice that slow speed. However,I miss this place,though I always hated the high use of sarcasm,irony,trolling,mocking,etc..here.
  8. Mahi

    I Am...

    in love with Asian girls/women fashion styles...
  9. But I can see lots of skin of that girl in your avatar, How much I am happy to see you're still here,doing your favourite thing(trolling and trolling)
  10. How fantastic the Asian girls styles and the ways they dress themselves are,I'm obsessed with the fashion they present,the colours of their clothes,especially outside fashion shows ,at touristic places or even when at airports when travelling......Really amazing
  11. Happy birthday Mahi!


  12. Again,my dentist,I think he'll be here in the list for a while.
  13. Hard choices when it comes to my least favourite thing in my life,MUSIC. Anyway, Michael Jackson Celine Dion Backstreetboys Rihanna 4 things that make you happy.
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