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  1. There will be a day when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a greater good.

  2. Whoever saves one life saves the world entire

  3. I agree, i'm surprised you didn't nominate Katniss. Do you want too add her?

  4. No I've never been to Turkey, I wish I had lots of money to Travel, I've only left the US once when I was 3 yrs old,we went to Canada. Lame Huh??

  5. That's cool that your from Turkey, It looks beautiful there.

  6. I will miss you Sunshine :(

  7. Thanks,Hugh is fine,I always take Sunshine's siggy's. Love Henry Cavill you need to add him to the guy poll. Whose in your siggy?

  8. Is everything ok? Haven't seen you for awhile.

  9. I'm looking but dont see Indy on your profile? Thanks for always voting though.

  10. haha I get it now. :p

  11. It's snowing really bad tonight in Utah. I need to move to a warmer climate. :)

  12. I am so bad and checking comments, Hope you had a great new year too. How's the weather in Portugal?

  13. Hi back, And Thanks

  14. Im sorry, I just noticed your comment on my page. Daniella is mostly famous for sports illustrated, not much else.

  15. Thanks, I've set my dvr! Would the men's comp. be helped if some of us put a link on our siggy to it?? Just a thought.

  16. I used to love baseball,but I dont watch it as much anymore.

    Love your Sesame Street Avatar.

  17. Love your Marisa Set!!

  18. Check out Rachel's thread. Her website is up.

  19. If she is dating him my opinion of her is lowering.Your new set is pretty!!

  20. In Rachel's thread I put a photo of her and that idiot from the 70's show. Good to see you back

  21. Where are you?? I thought you would have commented on Rachel and Wilbur(lol)

  22. I just barely noticed your message.Sorry.

    How are you doing??

  23. Thanks for breathing some life into Rachel's thread.

  24. Hurrah for Marisa!!!! Diffently SI's greatest.

  25. The man who brought Almudena to life!!

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