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  1. When are you coming back to me? :p 

  2. Gigi Paris is headed to castings to today (just posted on her insta story). She probably won't make the cut but hopefully we'll at least get some pictures or videos out of it.
  3. She's bee represented by them for maybe 2/3 years now. All the pictures in her portfolio are old, she's never been credited for being hired out of there, and she's never listed them as one of her management teams on social media. Don't think she's actually represented there, even though I don't know how they could put her on their site then.
  4. I noticed that and was gonna make a comment too You can definitely tell she expected to get the cover and is not pleased that she didn't....
  5. She's only at ~190k followers on instagram and to my knowledge she was only at about ~130k previously. Maybe you mean 40k? I only know because I checked her follower count this morning. I expected (and was hoping) to see a much bigger surge after getting the cover, but I guess not. Maybe she just got lost in all the Ashley/Ronda hype
  6. Oh, well in that case no problem and enjoy! Sorry I could only provide on the hand and not on the other
  7. By the way, just as an update, she's no longer signed with One.1 in New York. I don't know if she's going to show up any where else or if she's content just to work out of LA...
  8. No problem @RogerMore! As far as better quality of those slight nudes go, all the pictures were taken from Jared Thomas Kocka's official tumblr, where he posts all of his shoots. Your best hope to get those in better quality would probably be to contact him and ask for them. And for the other pics, gosh, those are so old! I remember seeing those in her Wilhelmina portfolio when I first started following her, probably 5 years ago now or whenever I made this topic. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea where those pictures came from, who took them, or what they're for. My best guess might be that they're Delia's outtakes by Danielle St. Laurent, but I already went to check his website and couldn't find anything. I'm afraid any HQ copies of those pics might just be lost in the internet abyss.
  9. Ph: Jared Thomas Kocka [Complete shoot] Slight nudity helloworlditsjared.tumblr.com
  10. @toodarnhot Tanya Mityushina! That rookie that everybody is hating on because of her nose
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