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  1. Rachel x3 Brooklyn x3 1.5 --- Vik x3 1.5 1.5
  2. What the fuck is going on in this fucking forum lately? Go away for two days doing personal things and come back to that shit show over the last few pages and around the forum. SI Reporting, Model threads reported, worse fighting than ever in so many threads.., warnings/reports getting handed out, more screenshots being taken etc... etc... Seriously, what the fuck is going on. Personally I used to love coming to BZ, there was always someone to BS with, post funny things with or do something, now it seems as if barely a day goes by without someone taking something way out of context,
  3. You can't gain SJW brownie points if you don't promote some sort of cause though
  4. @Prettyphile Amongst other things, you still owe me a list of things you wish to acquire, muffin Chop Chop, you have til Feb 28th. Pitter Patter
  5. I fucking hate Trudeau. Refugees for you, refugees for me, refugees for everyone!
  6. Only Rap stuff I can listen to for more than 10 seconds
  7. It's not a low iq situation. MJ is doing what everyone is doing now, using their bit of fame/spotlight to promote and push issues that are important to herself and thus have to be important to everyone. Look at the Grammy's it was full of politic push and social justice situations and had the lowest ratings in years. Famous people have always used their platforms for what they feel is right, but in the last few years mixed in with the rise of PC culture + SJW's everything has to have a stand/point now, one cannot just simply do something and not have it mean anything anymore. Same
  8. Fuck anyone that voted this liberal moron in power.
  9. 1.5 all --- Columbia x3 ---- 1.5 all --- 1.5 all
  10. If one doesn't poke the bear, the bear would never look at such article. Notice the recent hibernation of Limer on BZ in the past few weeks. Second, what is there to be triggered about? It's an article and the writers opinion and views on how someone else chooses to view something they run. There's nothing to be triggered about other than wasting that 2 minutes of my life reading the article, if SI and MJ and everyone else want to move to a more PC life is great everyone is beautiful you can be a beached whale in a swimsuit and be repulsed when someone says they find you unattracti
  11. Limerlight

    I Am...

    Over it being -40....
  12. @Prettyphile 15 inches of snow roughly in the past week, up to another foot this week, check your PM for more. It's also a short message.
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