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    I Am...

    Not able to stop laughing or stop smilng
  2. You forgot to use: How can people pick up on the sarcasm without it
  3. What I just learned Confirmed almost everything I was thinking I'm so fucking done now
  4. Also, 17 days left *insert real name* for da list Tick Tock. Shoes on the other foot this year Watch for Thursday/Friday as well, have a feeling something may be received by you.
  5. You'd have to come to Canada again and northern Canada at that. I've already defeated you based on that alone.
  6. Wolf x3 Kyra x3 Sam x3 -------- Kate x3 1.5 1.5
  7. @Prettyphile Muffin, look at this otter tattoo! PogChamp I can't wait to go back for more + Did Anti ever say if he was gonna head to rain town to see that artist?
  8. @BAGGOT Son, use this video to attract women back to your place of living, just remember to get consent first.
  9. Holy fucking whatever the hell. Cut it the fuck out. Take this shit to PM's, enough with the public bitching, fighting, arguing whatever the fuck we are calling it now There's no "debate, discussion, brainstorming" or any other excuse of BS to keep the conversation going publicly. Take it all to PM's, that's what the hell they are their for, that's what we've ALL been told, we've ALL seen. Jesus fucking christ.
  10. "Oh look, someone posted our content on the internet on a subthread dedicated to our whole magazine that has over 100 pages, discussion, back and forth talking and speculation, clearly this is a bad thing for posting one of our pictures and other pictures we distribute for free on the internet, let's go after them and we will show them what's what " "Maybe we need to re-think this"
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