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  1. Caitlyn Jenner is perfect...... As well, if MJ is concerned about the "body positive" movement why are is she not tackling other PC issues? Where are the Trans models who are being excluded by MJ, where are the exact opposite of the "BBW's" and the near/fully anorexic women who say they are also beautiful? One does not open a stance on "body positive" but only choose to take the one side of it, MJ only does it because she knows including women who ask you to move over because they don't fit properly on one seat in an airplane will get the SJW points and she can get
  2. I know who's getting a box of spiders for their birthday
  3. Irina x3 1.5 Lini x3 Yulia x3 Vika x2 Ming x1 Sasha x3
  4. You know I left that in there just for you cause I knew this would happen. 200 IQ Limer 201 IQ Pretty
  5. Saw II, III, IV, V, VI, 3D (VII) Jigsaw TED
  6. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook comments are the worst. Something such as Reddit where more than one or two people actually put thoughts/intelligence into a post are better comments if one is to read a comment section
  7. I'd take her on a date because I don't have to see her stomach. However, that being said if after said date she asked me to go back to her place I'd humbly oblige Just wouldn't go out of my way for her
  8. It's narcissism that's all it is. Same with when random person asks X model or Y Celeb to follow them, that moment of "elation" when the you see X or Y follow you and vice versa, X/Y are taking time out of their day to "follow" that person(s) and never care about it again.People wanna see their follower counts go up to make it look better to themselves and to others. More people will follow/go to an instagram page they see with 100k follower vs 1k followers given the same content, same everything. Similar to Twitch or Youtube, if someone has a high viewer/sub count more and more people wi
  9. I'll just take a date with a woman for now So yes please
  10. Limer's let's poke the @Prettyphile more vote o' the day. (Disclaimer, usually Kat is Pretty and other thing is Limer, but in this case Limer = Kat and Hooman = Pretty. Also disclaimer, Pretty hates when I constantly annoy her and threatens to try and kick my ass, but she lives in the dirty south and it's -22C or -7.6F in my igloo so she won't dare come near me to kick my ass cause she'll freeze to death and get eaten by snow sharks ) Do you hate me posting again yet? Vika 2.5 > Shakira Jr. .5 CHRIS HANSEN SAYS 1.5 BECAUSE OTHERWISE I HAVE TO TAKE A SEAT
  11. Don't mind me, just dragging mah fishy through this thread, trying to entice some of the plus sizers to follow and leave the magainze
  12. Haven't researched much about Koresh or the Branch Davidians (working on it) heard bits and pieces and 1 podcast But it seems like this could be a fun/interesting little miniseries As long as it's not too over done such as a lot of things are nowadays Started on the 24th but not in Canada until the 3rd iirc for some terrible reason Anyone else gonna watch?
  13. From Wiki: Michael Shannon as Gary Noesner Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh Andrea Riseborough as Judy Schneider Paul Sparks as Steve Schneider Rory Culkin as David Thibodeau Shea Whigham as Richard Rogers Melissa Benoist as Rachel Koresh John Leguizamo as Robert Rodriguez Julia Garner as Michelle Jones
  14. @Prettyphile Slay the spire is amazing Been playing for 4+ hours and didn't even know it, love love love love it Slay The Spire > Subnautica cause fuck the Ghost Leviathans Edit: it's 1am now and I did not realise it
  15. Did you just assume my gender and exclude me from a competition based on a fact that I may genetically be a male but could have an underlying feeling that I actually identify as a female? So under your assumptions if I was to nominate a transgender model who was originally a male but is now a female or vice versa would either of them count? Is cool thought I'd ask /pc hat off
  16. Can I nominate myself? I think I have pretty eyes
  17. I received the following message from @Prettyphile this morning about me not voting, 100% accurate word for word recanting: "Why are you not voting again, why do you hate me? I know where you live, I will come find you Mr. but really why do you hate me so much by not voting " My reply: "Dearest Maiden, I have not been voting as I have been working since sunday, at which I slayed the fibre dragon and slept in the cave of which was not my own, to only return to said gave 2 other times this week to slay other dragon's and have been sleeping otherwise in mine ownst bed."
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