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  1. Alba?14794035187259466b_cfake.thumb.jpg.6884625ec4fd219c9d1aa9bb674f0049.jpg


    1. Adub77


      Will someone please direct me to the celebrity fakes

  2. Stu how'd the the earring situation go? She loved them I hope
  3. Stu, get her a stuffed animal (her favorite animal of course), and put it around its neck. Its gold I tell you.
  4. http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/7789/ho...agaacopy0pk.jpg Images over 600 pixels wide must be text-linked or thumbnailed. Peace, Qball
  5. david beckham - PWNs all the other models i'd think over 1 billion searches. eek
  6. You do it, and Ill give you $20
  7. Weed wasnt "made" in Canada, but we have a very reoccuring ability to perfect things
  8. 9 adriana deserves it
  9. pip The only reason I tag stuff, is so a) Some shlub doesnt just take it and claim it theirs, and reap any benefit of my work b) Its cool to have your name on the internet, be it a pen name or whatever. If ChilaX.com had not tagged their wallpapers, I never would have found it, and therefore, not have wound up on Bellazon/LimaX
  10. But of course. I love the trio.
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