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  1. you're quite the country boy aren't you ? well i'm afraid i have to find someone then... too bad guys like you are generally hot, but hey i love europe so i can always find someone here :brows: DutchyGirl, get me some dutch stud
  2. rapidshare.com ? yes i meant B, sorry alright
  3. I want to have a 3some with Taben and KMIII :brows:
  4. damn... any chance you might move to NYC someday ? :brows:
  5. i love languages, no matter how harsh they sound so i think you should do it
  6. any city i might have heard of there ?
  7. hahaha i think i can do that :brows:
  8. call me dumb but i have no idea where that is i'm guessing north east
  9. their American accent in French? or their American accent in English. Personally I prefer an Irish accent, it sounds damn sexy. OMG american guys speaking French with an accent is something that makes me MELT
  10. Which region? New York, and California but PLEASE without the "dude" actually, i don't know a lot of accents but as long as it's not too southerm and hard to understand i like it where are you from ?
  11. You said you wanted me to be a bitch! 10 i'm full of contradictions
  12. i know some great Americans... plus their accent is HOT
  13. dutchy: i love lara KBIII: that's thibault Oberlin --- likes blonde girls with big boobs
  14. when i show you a big of her boobies you'll think she deserves a 10
  15. hahaha that's NOT what this thread is about i'm sure you can be a bitch if you try hard enough !
  16. haha wow you'd better not hit it with a hammer, i have a feeling that's not the best way to start chatting up Marisa as much as i despise her, she's got a nice tummy and hips/thighs in that positions... too much boobies though wants to be an iPod
  17. most male models used to do a lot of sport (like not JUST lifting weight and hiting the gym twice a week) before they started modelling so i doubt you'll be able to have a body like that in short period of time but you have to start somewhere i need to start working out as well, ugh
  18. really ? life is full of surprises lol... 7
  19. how many seasons has she been walking the runway ? i'm afraid her prime on the catwalk is past her... she's still strong campaigns wise though
  20. Carla Bruni of course, she was a great model and she's an great singer now
  21. Milana did the Dior Cruise show yesterday in NYC and she had the worst fall ever... it's understandable when you see the shoes they made her wear but still, she fell and needed help to get back on her feet and go backstage (a guy went on the catwalk and walked with her)... and apparently she walked holding the arms of two other models for the encore walk at the end... hope she didn't hurt herself... people were applauding when she reappeared
  22. LOLz. So true, so true indeed.... well to me he did i'm gay as well, i think he's handsome but... nothing special IMO... he DOES look good but i don't know, it just doesn't do it for me... you can have him
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