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  1. This is probably her best VS shoot so far Not as much photoshopping and her expressions aren't bland.
  2. Hi guys, I was looking around on the Forever21 site, and this beauty has basically taken over the site. Anyone know who she is? http://www.forever21.com/EU/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=promo-sweater-weather&ProductID=2000172073&VariantID=〈=en-US
  3. It's an editorial called "College Girl" and it's all "new" faces, with one shot each. Credit to Oxymore @ tFS Very pretty
  4. I'll stop clogging the thread with this, but an age gap of 9/10 years is pretty huge at her age (and even more so when she was younger) because they're at such different points in their lives. When you're older (say, over 25) your personality has settled and your brain has gotten fully developed. After that all you can do is get older and hopefully wiser. They got together when she was still underage. So let's say she was 15 and he was 24/25. She's basically in high school while by then he could have finished a college education. What does someone like that have in common with a 15-year old. O
  5. I think out of the new angels, I like Sara the most. She's not just drop dead gorgeous but she also seems like a really fun and down to earth person, for as far as you can stay down to earth in a profession like this. <3
  6. Expresso


    I like her after workout pics. It shows that she too gets red in the face and that she's basically human like the rest of us. Name me one other high profile model that does this. Adriana isn't afraid to show that staying in tip top shapes takes a lot of discipline and hard work whereas most other models go with the "I can eat whatever I want and I hate working out but somehow I still look like this" answer. Or when they do work out, they have perfect makeup, color coordinated outfits and it looks like an advertisement for some sports brand. Remember that time when people asked her how much
  7. Wow I really hope that interview was just badly written or that this was Taylor's attempt at humor, because if that was real, it's really off-putting. As for the "oh she's just 19" comment, it seems like we're extending childhood to epic proportions to excuse bad behavior. How old does she have to be for stuff like this to become off-putting? She's young but not young enough to not know better. Anyway, I'm not writing her off just yet; I distrust today's 'journalism' too much for that. Taylor could be the next big thing if her looks are anything to go by. Time will tell if she has a persona
  8. An oldie I found that I hadn't seen here before
  9. Is it just me or is she looking a bit gaunt lately? I mean, she's still stunning of course, but it's something I've noticed.
  10. Expresso


    Hey everyone, This probably sounds nostalgic, but I'm looking for a decent quality video of Adriana's first Maybelline commercial, Sky High Curves. I just think she looks fantastic in it. Here's a screencap if you guys need a memory jog: Any help would be appreciated!
  11. "an end to this.. some day" I believe she was referring to her modelling carreer in general.. and she's said it before Just to clear this up some more: I saw an interview with her on Dutch TV a short while ago and she indeed said that she realizes she can't go on forever (she basically called herself the model grandma now she's nearing 30), but that she'll continue for as long as the industry will have her. She loves her work, she loves her life the way it is at the moment so as long as people still want to hire her, Doutzen is not going anywhere.
  12. You guys, she's walking Pink and this is one of her outfits:
  13. At first I thought she was kinda bland (for as far as any pretty model can be bland) but over the last year she's been really impressive. Whatever she did, it works. She really upped her game
  14. If you guys are talking about that bikini pic, the reason it looks that way is because she is laughing. As you all know you're engaging your abs when you laugh, which makes them more pronounced in her case. If you look at the regular pics you can see the definition, but it's much softer, not over the top. Personally I think she looks great. Lean and strong. She's a good role model for other girls.
  15. Expresso


    I like the blue one with the black wings. Kinda wished they'd left out that rig thing over her belly though. Less is more. But she looks phenomenal as always.
  16. Expresso


    That red leather thing is terrible, but she somehow manages to still look hot in it.
  17. Expresso


    I actually don't mind the dress that much? Sure, that white sleeve was overdone, but other than that it was simple and it shows off her body in a way that isn't tacky. I mean look at her, she's fit as hell, has legs to die for. Only people with arm muscles can pull off a dress like that.
  18. Does anyone else think her instagram pics are off-putting? It's like she's saying: "I'm hot, let me show you how hot I am. Isn't this the tightest ass you've ever seen?" She's doing a workout and she gets other people to shoot pics of her butt so she can put it online. Who does that? I mean sure, I guess it's fanservice in the sense that we get to see her butt and her boobs from every single angle, but parading yourself around like that seems so arrogant to me. I still enjoy her work because she is a beautiful gal, but I guess I like it when models are a bit more...modest.
  19. Expresso


    OMG a magazine in my country (veronica magazine) posted a picture of that random 'lookalike' shown a few pages back saying it was Adriana. I don't get how so called professionals get her mixed up with someone else so easily. I mean, Adriana has a unique look and a distinctive face. There are many things you can say about her, but 13-in-a-dozen girl-next-door isn't it.
  20. I've tried the reverse picture search, but I honestly can't find more info on this girl. So if anyone knows, it would be greatly appreciated
  21. Hey guys, this probably comes across like I'm baiting, but I mean this as a genuine question. What makes Kate Upton special to you? Because I've seen the hype around her swell and swell and while I get it with most bigname models, I don't really understand why Kate is so popular. I mean, she has big boobs, but surely that cannot be the only reason her career took off the way it did.
  22. During the whole time the two spent together they looked a little too comfortable with each other hmmm...I don't think this will be good for Ana's relationship with her boyfriend...unless they have an open relationship lol Not that I want to drag this out or anything, but I do this with my friends (guys and girls) and I don't mean anything by it other than just the fact I'm enjoying their company as a friend. Everyone who knows me knows this and most people I hang out with are kind of carefree when it comes to showing affection anyway. I never really understood the rigid, almost anxious
  23. Expresso


    Wow, she looks absolutely phenomenal. Thanks so much for all the pictures! She's looking slimmer and more defined than ever, and even though it's different from her absolute peak popularity wise (say 2005) I think this look really suits her. You can't tell she's had kids and I really like how lean and strong she looks. Carved out of marble. Gotta say I really love how Adri has matured over the years. There was this interview back when she was 21 where she said she didn't have to work for her body. Now she obviously has to and she takes it very seriously. She looks younger than she is, but
  24. Hi guys, I stumbled upon this picture and for the life of me I can't figure out who she is. So I turn to you, the experts. Who is this beautiful girl?
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