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  1. Hey you, just dropping in to say hi. Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. ~ Hope your day is a great one. :=) ~

  3. ~ Wishing you a wonderful birthday :=) ~

  4. ~ Hello there :-) wishing you a great day. Please tell me that you enjoyed some good food and wine even more so! ~

  5. ~ Yea, the posting run had to end sometime. Lol Same here, I will come on the site now if I check my emails and see there is a message here, but other than that, no. There's no thread I check out here, and before I only posted in General Talk. Hope you're having a good day. :-) ~

  6. ~ Looking back I wasted a lot of time here. Haha Actually I would post when I was bored, or relaxing before bed, you know to kill some time. Hmm, it's been a few years now. ~

  7. ~ Ahh good ... I don't think that's gonna happen. Haha I used to post a while back for fun, but it's lost it's appeal. I visit the site and check messages, but that's really about it. After all a person can't post forever, right? Lol ~

  8. ~ I hear you there. I've always been more of a mystery/ drama movie person. I love gangster films, especially GoodFellas. One of my favorites. ~

  9. ~ Hi there :-) I've been doing well, thanks. How have you been? ~

  10. ~ I haven't seen either one of those. I'll have to look into them! ~

  11. ~ Ahaha the love part funny I agree, but I did like the concept & it was entertaining. ~

  12. ~ Hey :-) It's with Matthew McConaughey & Marisa Tomei. Another movie I saw a few months back is The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon, and that was pretty good as well. ~

  13. ~ Hi :-) Hmm, the last one I saw was The Lincoln Lawyer. I rented it a couple weeks ago and thought it was pretty good. How's it going with you? ~

  14. ~ Hello ... Happy New Year to you as well. :-) I'm doing well, thanks. How have you been? ~

  15. ~ Genta, hope you are having a wonderful birthday. :-) ~

  16. ~ Thanks :-) Have a great new year! ~

  17. ~ Hey there :wave: Yea, this is definitely a great place to grow up & live in. I do gotta give props to the East Coast though. My dads side of the fam is from Long Island, NY & I've always had a soft spot for NY. It's a bomb place to be for sure! :-) ~

  18. ~ Thanks and Merry Christmas to you also! :-) I'm on the West Coast so it's all good. Only 9:30 PM here. ~

  19. ~ Thank you :-) I know you will be enjoying the holidays to the fullest as well. Merry Christmas to you, Jen & the fam. ~

  20. ~ Nice, sounds like you definitely have the weekend mindset down for today. :-) ~

  21. ~ :wave: Having a good day, enjoying hanging around the house this morning. How have you been? ~

  22. ~ Haha well there really are so many great movies it's impossible to have seen them all .... yet ..... lol No I've never seen that one, but I've heard it's fantastic. ~

  23. ~ Damn! .... it's a great movie, you gotta check it out girl! ~

  24. ~ Ahh nice, I like Julianne Moore too. I love The End Of The Affair w/ her & Ralph Fiennes. ~

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