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  1. Boriken

    India Eisley

    Still too young, but on her way to being a cutie.
  2. Her work on Camelot is great.
  3. I spent time in your wodnerful country, Anatolia. You have more beautiful women than Petek on the streets.
  4. Hm. I admit it. She's lovely.
  5. Brand new one! And thanks, Fashiondream.
  6. I first saw her on an episode of Coupling. She's more striking on video than in pics, though.
  7. One more from that earlier shoot.
  8. I am more than willing to forgive her the weight, seeing as she has a kiddo now and relationship things aren't so great. But even without the pounds, she isn't looking good. LOOK MORE NATURAL, CHRISTINA!
  9. They older she gets the prettier. Wish her success.
  10. Glad she is out. Hope she recovers.
  11. I always liked her. I think she is definitely very pretty <Has SOMETHING that remind me of Alessandra Ambrosio, I think maybe the smile>, and she always comes off very normal and sweet in interviews. Yeah. Like her.
  12. A few more pics of her from a professional shoot. All pics courtesy of: ArianaGrande.net
  13. I had never checked this model out before. And I have just two words; Jaw Dropping.
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