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  1. Its really nice to know that Mathias is going to walk in Milan!! I hope fashion week comes soooon and grace us with lots of new pics of him
  2. OoooOOOOOooooo! The new vid of Mathias is looking good! Shame we weren't all on the streets of NY and salivate whilst watching him busting some modelling moves
  3. Seriously Marty, your job isn't boring! I am bored of Uni and my prospect of being a nurse (BAHH!). Anyway, really good to see Mathias supporting the cause for Japan!!
  4. Heya Jorge, how is it all going? Hope you're well :)

  5. Omg, its soo good to see our dear Coco is modelling as much as ever! Her editorials are soo beautiful, I hope she never stops modelling!
  6. Ohhh no! I hope he changes soon with this privacy settings, allowing our dear MunichMarty to communicate with him! Bleehhhh, it's probably got something to do with those crazy fan girls spamming his message inbox all because they can't contain their curiosity in a mature manner!
  7. OMG!! Okok, I am thinking of a kick-ass question to ask him: Ok Mathias, you are hosting a wonderful dinner party and here are the questions: where would it be? Would you cook? If so, what would you cook? Who would you bring? That is it
  8. Wooooo! It's wonderful that he is walking the shows in NY fashion week!! Lovely to see him strutting the stuff, looking great as always
  9. Hmmmmmm, he DOES look scrumptious indeed
  10. Ohhh thank you to both Munichmarty and sav3mys0ul!!! I do have to say that Mathias looks more mature in these H&M pics, compared to the last time he did ads for them! He looks gorgeous, as per usual
  11. Ohhh lovely! So nice that Garett is getting all these lovely editorials and campaigns! He is seriously growing as a model and his photos show
  12. Second year in high school or university?! I am doing well, will be in my final year of Uni in 2 weeks time! Omg, time has gone so quick!!! Scary to think about it! I'll be a qualified nurse this time next year...Bwahaha.

  13. Cat sitting? Was it any fun? I am not going anywhere this summer, just staying in Manchester and chillin' till I start Uni again in 2 weeks time! Gosh, can't think that I'll be in my final year!! Scary! How about you?

  14. If you are looking for a primer to put underneath your make up, try this: No7 Shine Free Primer
  15. Hmmmmm, I guess you get both ugly and pretty people in either 100% pure race and mixed race men? I don't know, I haven't met any to be honest but I guess some girls would find a mixed race guy more attractive because of that.
  16. I am currently using Marc Jacobs's Daisy, wonderfully refreshing and young
  17. Hmmm, as for eye brows, I have been thinking about it alot lately. I have really faint eye brows and I am considering buying the kit from Benefit. But the thing is, I am worried that I won't be able to have the right colour, resulting in my eye brows looking too dark and obv scare the living daylight out of me
  18. Awww, Mathias looks wonderful with the wreath on his head!! I am wondering when the new Armani adds are going to hit the stores
  19. Wow, you can just tell that Mathias is going to be a brilliant Hausfrau one day
  20. Loving the hair alot! As for his new H&M pics, he looks like a REAL man, like, obv he is a MAN, but more manly
  21. Thanks for the add, hope you are well :D

  22. Nah, I am not a fan of the trend. Too many people wear it like pants/trousers/jeans and not bearing in mind you need to cover your CAMEL TOE, ladies. Wear them if you wish, but make sure that it covers your crotch completely.
  23. OOMG Resalire!!!! That is a spectacular drawing!! You are super talented in that field. You never know, you might be able to draw Mathias naked
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