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  1. ^__^ I founded you, Trin :P

  2. :O! I know your name now.. *shifty*

  3. ...even if I been here 15 years. I do have a slight 'aussie twang' so it separates me from the Brits. Dude, I didn't know there wa- Oh. I see it now. :laugh:



    *goes to her corner to sulk*

  5. *comments you* XD

  6. *comments* And you have kudos from me for lovin' Aussies. >_<

    /end random

  7. *cruises through your page*

  8. *giggles* Yes, yes it is me. Why?

  9. *points to her profile*

    ADD ME! NOW! *demands!*



    And I'll let you get away with calling me cute. For now.

  10. *pokes you*

  11. *pokes* i see you. You and your gorgeous profile pic >.<

  12. *pokes*...*runs off*

  13. *squees and runs through, poking you*

  14. *struts* TR!

    Chu sexah thing you! >.<

  15. And yes, you do need to check out my other pictures. Because I am made of sexah. >_<

  16. Aww, thank you. ^_^

  17. Aww! We should! >.< And you'll have to show me around where you're from! Do you have MSN?

  18. Aww. Have fun at school, love. :P

  19. Aww... chu make me blush! And my exam went exellant. I aced it. Booah.

  20. Awww. I'm here ^_^ I turn 20 next Tuesday!

  21. Aye, that would be correct. ^_^ It's rather chilly where I am at the moment.. I wish summer was back. o_o

  22. Give me your addy and I'll add you :P

    And yeah, something like 10 or so hours behind me. Maybe 11... x__X because Australia is GMT +10. It's 10:10am on Sunday here! >.<

  23. Haha

    I'll put them up later on. When I can be bothered x_X

  24. Happy Birthday. ^___^

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