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  1. Just wanted to say that I adore your signature. ^__^

  2. I hope these aren't reposts. Source: foto_decadent I think she's absolutely breath-taking :3 Edited because tinypic was being weird.
  3. I thought this would interest you guys... I got the original picture (the left side) from moofins's site. I hope you don't mind. The colorization (the right side) was done by me.
  4. He looks amazing! But yes, I want his beautiful curls back. My favorite is the first from Carlo Pignatelli!
  5. These are all from modelhommes - sorry if they're reposts! I don't think I've seen them here yet. <3
  6. OMG! sosososososocute. I would lick my screen, but I don't want to get electrocuted. That would totally happen to me.
  7. @Ophelia: Thank you! Feel free to ask me if you want one. :] I make them all the time! @Michael: Thanks! Nice to meet you :] @Lyon: OMG! I can't stop staring at your avvie. He's so gawjuss. Thank you! @Limerlight: Thank you, dear. :] Glad to be here! @jig: Thanks! Hahaha, you're a straight man; that's a given.
  8. Oh my God.... Here's another thread I have to bookmark. This girl is absolutely gorgeous! I will look for pictures of her, too. :]
  9. 5 stars for you my Dufour mate :D

    Welcome to BZ ^_^

  10. Aww, dangit... *pets her pretty* Thanks for the heads up and the welcome. *goes to double check the size rules*
  11. Hey, everyone! I'm Claire, aka Sushi (for my love of it). :] I joined because I follow a few different threads: Jeremy Dufour, Guillaume Varki, and Marlon Teixeira. *preen* Just thought I'd say hello and all that jazz. ~clairedelsushi
  12. Squeee~ I've been following this thread for months, so I figured it was about time to sign up. Gosh, Jeremy Dufour is so stunning. :3
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