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  1. Just wanted to say that I adore your signature. ^__^

  2. *cruises through your page*

  3. MWAHAHA just cruising through... xD Helloooooo ^__^

  4. Well, we been back on for a while now. LMFAO!



    *goes to bed*

  5. Lucky bastard =|

    I'm back with my girlfriend! =D

  6. It's fun taking random breaks. And then coming back. LIKE A NINJA!

    Hello =D

  7. Hey! Ty! Not sure if I responded when you left me the message. But ty all the same! Finally updated it though =D


    I have a new MSN... *shifty eyes*

  9. Not much, just travellin'.

    Start Uni again next week. Woot woo! XD

  10. XD I don't have a boyfriend anymore.

    I'm good though. Tired. But good.

  11. Thank you lovie ^_^

  12. Haha

    I'll put them up later on. When I can be bothered x_X

  13. TR, TR, TR...

    Hello :P

  14. Yes! I'm back. Sorta. Been busy =P I go back to uni in a week! *dies* But I'm good though. ^_^ Got some recent photos... hoo-hah!



  16. I'm around, lurking. ^_^

  17. I'll be taking a longer break than expected.^^ Should be back in a week, maybe two. ^_^

  18. Me? No. I just rarely come online lately.^^ Trying to sort my head out and stuff because some bad stuff has gone down, which I'm trying my hardest to deal with.

  19. Thank you ^__^ LOL! Don't know so much about partying :P

  20. Aww, thank you. ^_^

  21. Heh, thanks.

  22. The Fellowship of the Ring followed by The Two Towers then The Returns of the King..

    Fellowship is 1, Two Towers is 2, Return of the King is 3...

  23. Watch the movies first. x___X That way you won't fall asleep reading the books.

  24. That's a really old movie... x___X The best ones are Peter Jackon's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Brillantly done those were. And Orlando Bloom was perfect eye candy.

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