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  1. Do u have the [refreshmento extro mix] from (1993)?? That was the most sounded remix in the radio and the local discotheques rite here Long live to Haddaway of course kriss Kross another of the classics who marked my life permanently, very popular back in 1991 How forget them?? Very Sad that we lost one of them but if we remember them like we'r doing here they will live together forever. I love this thread it keeps goin better and better every time
  2. Daammmnn!! This one looks very gothic,the tattoo looks very defined and well executed but it's strange too see Adriana tattooed with some wild trash metal look details on it.
  3. Wow a magnificent masterpiece, I'm planning do something similar like this but with Adriana in my chest,i'll post the pic in general talk when it's done
  4. Dragon Ball Z Inglish intro And Here the Spanish one I never forget em' Long Live to the Super Saiyan as well
  5. Happy Birthday Adriana my sweet angel!!!!
  6. Playing Mortal Kombat 3
  7. But if u see very wisely,those pics ARE photoshopped,minimum but there are photoshop still
  8. Nice , i remember this one 1999 to be exact, but Pokemon gain his popularity in 2000 as well like Dragon Ball Z ^ These 2 where my fav of the new Millennia nice thread
  9. Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows the future is not writen for nobody. If the correct girl arrive probably but, who knows?
  10. Mine means Eli is my real name,Super Saiyan is the fierce transformation of a Japanese anime character,and V12 is the engine of the 2013 Dodge Viper Concept 8.4 Muscle Machine. Super Saiyan Dodge Viper Concept V12
  11. Looks very original knowing that's not.Impressive very impressive but expected,this just delay pretty heavy to emerge.Perhaps if this is just the beginning of and avalanche of those to arrive.
  12. Listening Lyn Collins at the Soul Train Dance line :dance:
  13. Resting after a very busy weeks
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