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  1. Happy halloween:)

  2. hey ther Limey.. hope everything is good for you.

  3. I hope your week well.. and you have a fabulous weekend

  4. it was a good week to a better weekend .. I hope.. I hope all is well with you.. don't forget to wish your mom "happy mother's day"

  5. I hope your weekend was fabulous.. And hope for a good week as well.

  6. I survived the week.. and am soooo glad for the weekend. I hope all is well for you

  7. Its not that I am that bad.. Its actually because I am that good :p

  8. Celebrate St Paddy's well... we only live once. :) I will tell you I am well to say miracles happen even in the most imperfect times.

  9. Whaaat? not spelled right? LOL.. I hope your well

  10. Hope your having a cheery spring weather.

  11. hola.. como este? mi bian... and please excuse the mispelling.. hehehe.. been a while.. I hop all is well for you.

  12. No worries.. I have not net until further notice:/ Free wifi is nice but a little slower than I am used to and not so frequented by me. I hope you have a really good 2011.. I hope mine its better than 2010 for me personally.

  13. Yeah.. I missed the friends thing too.. Great taste in pics for your sig and avatar BTW.. very attractive

  14. That little light of mine.. I am going to let it shine.. I see your light on as well :)

  15. Thank you.. Regarding my "personal photo" .. I would fly.. :)

  16. I apologize I did not stop in to say hi to my favorite "stranger"

  17. Thank you.. I am just am

  18. Thanks :KISSES:

  19. I disappeared :p Didn't you get my PM?

  20. Sorry I have been so scarce .. Been having a few things to deal with. I hope to fill the AZ shaped hole soon. i promise.

  21. Life is going ok for me.. I hope your new life is going reall awesome. I know I am excited. You must let me know when the wedding is. This is exciting.

  22. I am on just been quiet and hanging out.

  23. Congrats about the upcoming wedding.. I am soo glad everything is going well.. AND I am soo jealous about Spain.. I really love Europe and the UK..

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