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  1. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    staring at red_eds avvy and wondering where my rude bunny tshirt went too
  2. Ok i dont know whether this has been posted but i really feel like it needs to be! God those legs!
  3. Drew!!! awww man shes totally getting smashed, i think she rocks and her lisp like kicks major butt! Apparently shes really nice as well. And also hot! *waves little flag* go team Barrymore!
  4. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    laughing at ImmortallyInsane's avvy
  5. blah i managed to snatch the first part but its not letting me get the other two bits at the moment! curses curses! i'll have to come back later! Thankyou so much for posting tho
  6. Wow thanks for posting all those pics guys! *gets lost in her eyes* omg so blue
  7. lol thanks guys! Heheh adrianas the cutest
  8. 10 for me! its absolutley ravishing and i like matching av/sig sets
  9. Heres the article and those pictures of her... absolutley gorgeous! as usual
  10. okie dokie here are the other sizes! wow ive never come along those before actually hope i got those right!
  11. She has gotten skinnier, apparently its from stress of her new baby girl being sick and also Brad.
  12. 1. Unbreakable - Michael Jackson 2. Space Dementia - Muse 3. No battery power remains. Please connect Ipod to power... D'OH!
  13. awww angie dancing! i saw the news report on this today on ET about her dancing and i was all like damn id love to see pictures! and i come here and here they are! Thanks heaps!
  14. awesome! the yellow and orange really make her look sexy! heres my latest, i have it in one more larger size if anyones interested but heres the generic 1024x768 Edit: Oop am i gonna need to text link this? i dunno whether it counts as nudity or not i mean she is like covering herself and such.. if i do just lemme know or edit my post mods/admins!
  15. *tilts head to side*.. hmmm... *steps back*... *steps forward* hmmmmmmmmm... *pokes screen thoughtfully*.. definatley Gerard *nods*
  16. indeed! omg if i ever saw them together in the same room id like die!!
  17. heres a wally i made, really simple but yeah *shrugs* I like the effect anyway! PS nice wallys everyone!
  18. Omg! sweet! omg arent they the two best people in the world! they should get together and somehow make babies!! Yaay! Glad to know theres heaps of Aussies here!! *waves little flag* Go Sydney! thanks for all the welcomes peoples, hope to see you all around
  19. Another Newbie here! I've been happily lurking around the Adriana Lima photo posts since my friend showed me this site! ive been a fan of Adriana for ages and this is one of the best places to get pictures and stuff! so i thought I'd sign up! Anywoo about myself.. um.. 19 years old, female, Australian.. the other godess i worship is Angelina jolie and hmm.. yeah thats about it!! anyway yes, hi!
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