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  1. *deploys llama ninjas* sleep with one eye open fool <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I get the feeling you'll be meeting up with your beloved sushi ever so soon <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HAHAHAH! omg i'll be sleeping with the fishes aye! get it! get it get it get it!!!! *cough*... Lee will kill you twice before you hit the ground mofo
  2. hahah she seems like a little bit of a brat sometimes, its kinda soured her image tho. i love Gabrielle on desperate housewives tho! and yes.. RIP Paris squared
  3. vureh simple! okay im going to assume your using photoshop? and you need caps cause your version is spanish? well let the Llama assist!! step 1 right click on your layer and select the duplicate layer option: step 2 right click on the layer copy you created and select blending options: step 3 you now have a little options panel up! go to the very bottom and select "stroke" here you can set the border colour, pixel size.. etc. note make sure that the stroke position is "inside" or you wont be able to see the border. if your looking for a double border like in the av you have now, first make a white stroke border 2px in width using above steps. then flatten your image and repeat above steps but this time use a 1px red border!
  4. Can I have that 1280x800? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> omg i didnt notice this! wierd since i think ive been in and out of this thread a couple of times since it was posted.. *blind* PS the colouring of this one is somewhat diffy to the other i think.. im not sure why..
  5. likes rove mcmannus... that weasel!!! (i think anyway! iu was gonna say tiiu but bleh everyone knows that!)
  6. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    glad i never use msn cause that always happened to me. i spend most of my time on busy/appear offline if i do go on cause i didnt wanna talk to the frikken randoms on my list.
  7. nope! its alive and well, along with the rest of the thriving bunny population in my street!
  8. is that her with eva Longwhoreiagoria? PS jack osbourne.. lookin hot boi!!! Way to clean up! Cute pictures of paris and paris btw. i heard they were done tho. le sigh.
  9. my cat caught a baby rabbit today! I was suprised he normally sticks to tiny birds and mice. (PS the bunny is safe)
  10. omg i hate it when my stuff gets jacked *squirms with annoyance* i dont mind it when i see the person using it but the thought of somoene out there might be violating my shimmy gif *whines*
  11. *deploys llama ninjas* sleep with one eye open fool
  12. hey man whered you get that AV? i made it for my school friend lol. that was a painstaikingly capped shimmy!
  13. Boo! well nutorious L.L.A.M.A dont need no mafia *flounces away*
  14. choice (Y) I'm out of Coke + Lime I'll have to settle for Solo <{POST_SNAPBACK}> MUAHAHAHAHAH! *grabs another lime coke from my 18 pack of cans*
  15. i hate you all!!! :avada: ...cept for Bunny
  16. BEHOLD! my super duper screen-blown-up-super-large-on-my-wall .. also behold the bed which sits in my computer room and is only really used for lying on while watching tv.. hence the sparseness. but who cares! theres a HUGE Adriana just above it! *runs at wall*
  17. yeah well would you like some.. ass.. with your umm... erm... .... *coughs* ....you ass
  18. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    wishing that id started watching lost last season and hoping to god i dont run into any spoilers for it before i get a chance to catch up
  19. has one hell of a hot sig, i was oggling it earlier in another thread
  20. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    just realising i have another pip. wow im such a spamminator
  21. *chucks bazooka on ground and goes all red in the face* YOU CANT DO THAT! you died!!!! *bottom lip quivers* I dun wanna play no more *storms out of thread*
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