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  1. azure

    Thanks Lyon :)

    How's life?

  2. thanks gorgeous :p

  3. Hey! Great to see another Du Juan lover, too bad she isnt going to win this :(

  4. Hello how are you? Happy new year :)

  5. Lol i love your "Interests"

  6. azure

    No, but i am happy about that :) I dont do well when i have tonnes of spare time xD Hows life?

  7. azure

    howa re you lyon? i miss u :(

  8. How are you Squeegy? ^_^

  9. Daria Morgenbowy!!

  10. azure

    Thanmks Lyon love you!!!!! cant believe im a grown man already.. btw WTF is ur profile pic?? Its from a chinese cartoon show about magic right?!

  11. thanks gorgeous!~!

  12. Cheers Layla! Love u!

  13. LMAO @ "WINNING" tweet ahaha

  14. You're very welcome, it's fun!

  15. Hey nice to meet you! :)

  16. azure

    Thank you for your concern Lyon <3 I am absolutely fine, as most flash floods are happening in Queensland and i live much further south. It's simply extremely humid and wet where i live, x

  17. HAYYYYYY lol, i was about to ask you to help me with a GIF but then i realized my WMM is screwed and i needed more time XD

  18. azure

    Happy new year M, i miss you!

  19. Happy New Year Limers... can you believe it's 2011??

  20. Happy new year to you too! Enjoy your holidays Red :)

  21. Happy New Year LMS! Love you!

  22. omggg i have fawned over the HQ version of your avvie for like 2 years haha! I miss skinny Ryan :P

  23. Stunning sig <3

  24. Thank you so much for the updates on all the gorgeous men!

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