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  1. She's going by Alexa Marie now because she got married. Her polaroids were also updated. https://www.nextmanagement.com/miami/profile/alexa-marie
  2. calwatch

    VS Model's ID

    That is from Bikini Village. This is the VS model ID thread.
  3. calwatch

    VS Model's ID

    Anyelina Rosa? https://www.thesocietymanagement.com/book-portfolio/1923-anyelina-rosa.web
  4. Flirtitude (found in the archive)
  5. Looks like this was the result of the Miami shoot, from Venus:
  6. calwatch

    VS Model's ID

    For Victoria's Secret models with a first name listed you can find the full name of the model by inspecting the document which starts with "https://api.victoriassecret.com/products/v22/page/XXXXX" where XXXXX is the product ID number, there is a field called "fullName" which is the model's full name.
  7. It looks like, based on her Instagram, she's still working, although has opted not to work commercial and instead does editorial and high(er) fashion. But she's not the young hot thing anymore and plenty of young ladies in New York look like her.
  8. Her name is actually Naomie Broquet. Noamie Curly is just her Insta name, a reference to her naturally curly hair. Here are her pages from the agencies: https://www.milkmanagement.co.uk/curve/new-faces/2158-naomie-broquet/ https://www.musenyc.com/talent/naomie-broquet?main_portfolio=Curve&portfolio=Curve
  9. These two posts are somewhat related because Erin was absolutely too thin for her body type, basically starving herself and looks much more healthier now that she is running a fitness studio. Marisa at 40 decided to run away from the camera yet, for some reason, people post these random crops of her on different forums who may or may not be her. Granted, this moratorium seems to be complete as even Yasmeen Ghauri and Yamila Diaz-Rahi have a few photos posted of them on their Instagram, but I can't imagine the random photos of her in public are helping.
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