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  1. I want to say THANKS VERY MUCH to tevar33, Mr. JJ, and of course Magdalena for these autographs!!! Sorry all, but I don't want my name all over the net so I put RENCO over it. Thanks to you all!!!
  2. Jill Wagner
  3. I use this What FLV converter are you using?
  4. For pictures I use
  5. 1) One and only Magdalena Wr
  6. Magdalena Wr
  7. (Y) No problem, glad it worked for you.
  8. If you have Windows Movie Player 1) Import your video file 2) Drag the imported video in the "Audio/Music" part of the "Storyboard"
  9. Try this Go to your "Control Panel" Click on "Performance and Maintaince" Click on "Adjust Visual Effects" Scroll down and check or uncheck "Use drop shadows for icon labels on desktop"
  10. Can someone please post a high res verion of this pic? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Sarah. [attachmen =15168:attachment] Undated Interview
  12. Please, refrain from hotlinking. Peace, Qball
  13. Qball, do you know what shoot the couch pics are from? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for starting this topic harvester!!! Does anyone know where shes been lately? Is she still with Victoria's Secret or Wonderbra? untitled.bmp