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  1. I dont know how many of you follow marjan on instagram but I just find it insane how many selfies this person take on a daily basis
  2. Her body has me under some sort of spell
  3. Banned for life from all baseball stadiums! Hahaha
  4. It blows my mind we dont see more of her
  5. Shes super fucking incredible and without a doubt my favorite model
  6. Shes not unattractive but i really dont understand what it is about her that makes her so popular
  7. Great bodies but I recently had to unfollow her and her bc of how similarly annoying ever single one of their posts were
  8. I think she’s my favorite right now. She’s super gorgeous and seems to be pretty fucking goofy in her insta stories. She’s also reminds me of Margot Robbie sometimes. Looking forward to watcher her career develop further
  9. her and her sister are both film critics now, with Manuela making a pretty good name for herself in that regard
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