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  1. Sorry for bumping the old topic but apparently it's Lauren Elizabeth Patrick.
  2. My guess is Paris Chardonnay
  3. My guess would be Freya Haworth
  4. Thank you very much! Apparently I decided to dive down some tags on Finish Line's IG and found out some models there. 2. Lillian Troutman (@lilliantroutman) 3. Alice Magoto (@alicemagoto) 4. Allie Weber (@allieweber)
  5. From which products are these from btw? Any product images from these?
  6. Annie Marie perhaps?
  7. Anyone can help me ID three models from JDSports? Help is appreciated here! 1. 2. (her tattoo can be a good hint here) 3. 4. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the response! I had doubts whether this is Barbara or I might confuse her for another model.
  9. Anyone able to ID her? Really gutted to not being able to have HQs of these because these images have been changed and I don't know if anyone here has them. Thanks in advance!
  10. Lucciana Beynon (she does a lot of ASOS FYI)
  11. Oh dear, I've already developed my crush to this girl (along with Helena) 😳
  12. The fact that all images on TopShop are gone. I was about to save some of them and had already arranged the links myself... 😭 Now they're all gone...
  13. I think this one's Luciana Beynon
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