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  1. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    Oh my God, I've been wondering who this girl is for years since the first time I see this pic! THANK YOU! ❤️
  2. {name}

    VS Model's ID

    So I came across a couple of old favorite VS site pics of mine I had difficulty ID'ing with... a) I was torn between Brittni Tucker and Megan Williams for this one, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe it's another model but I don't know, she looks beautiful here. b) I can't make a guess here. Thanks in advance! I appreciate your IDs!
  3. Thank you very much both of you! (Sorry I haven't said this way earlier @manodyssey) Guess like I'm going to make my own answer after looking at this forum & older archives of the site. I'm gonna say that this has to be Gemma Sanderson, she modeled a lot on the site than I ever imagined way back.
  4. It loads fine by me. In case it doesn't load or something, I'm linking the image's url directly here. It should work, otherwise do tell so I can re-up it some Thank you very much!
  5. TIL the one model that really caught my eye on Tilly's site is none other than her! And I didn't knew she originally doesn't have bangs because I thought it's her natural look, but now I'm falling in love with her!
  6. Hello everyone! Just came across this forum after some random browsing and perhaps this forum could help me in ID-ing my favorite pics from various places to appreciate the models more! Nice to meet you all!
  7. Hello everyone! Just found out about this thread and I have a couple of models to ID here because I know I have some of my favorites there! 1. This one's my absolute favorite here. She's done brands like Marie Meili and All About Eve to name a few, and I presume she's modeled in 2015 (or earlier?). She kinda reminds me of Jehane Marie Paris (Gigi Paris if you will). 2. I'm not sure if she's Juliane Snekkestad here but... well, it's kinda like a wild guess but looking back I think it's really her. She fits the Body Glove designs. 3. Models mainly for L'Agent by Agent Provocateur based on my observation. Another of my favorite. I think she has a rose-shaped tattoo on her left seeing her catwalk vids. 4. This is probably the oldest pic of the bunch. These pics drove my curiosity. The rest... Thanks in advance!
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