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  1. Thanks for the welcome!

  2. Ello! How are you?

  3. Woop, woop for Gisele!

  4. There was curiousity? For what mate?

  5. Sorry taken! ;)

  6. Oh the one on the left.

  7. Hey! If your birthday was on march 8th you have the share it with my brother! Happy late birthday, regardless!!!

  8. Don't think I've caught them. But I would love to see!

  9. Kind of late but thanks for the b-day comment mate!

  10. happy birthday, mate!

  11. fine and yourself!

  12. ello mate! pleasure.

  13. thanks! how's moscow?

  14. ello mate heard you were a dj.

  15. Of course gorgeous!! I've just been busy...I sure do miss talking with you!!!

  16. Oh yeah! I was meaning to talk to you! He's American! And from Philly!!!!!!

  17. He was studying in London...didn't I tell you he was the one that I was on break with? Not sure if it was you? And Nouve has come to London to visit me!! We went to a ManU game together! =]

  18. HI!! I haven't talked to you in quite awhile!!! How are you gin?

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