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  1. Don't think I've caught them. But I would love to see!

  2. ello mate heard you were a dj.

  3. ello mate! pleasure.

  4. Ello! How are you?

  5. fine and yourself!

  6. happy birthday, mate!

  7. He was studying in London...didn't I tell you he was the one that I was on break with? Not sure if it was you? And Nouve has come to London to visit me!! We went to a ManU game together! =]

  8. Hey! If your birthday was on march 8th you have the share it with my brother! Happy late birthday, regardless!!!

  9. HI!! I haven't talked to you in quite awhile!!! How are you gin?

  10. Kind of late but thanks for the b-day comment mate!

  11. Of course gorgeous!! I've just been busy...I sure do miss talking with you!!!

  12. Oh the one on the left.

  13. Oh yeah! I was meaning to talk to you! He's American! And from Philly!!!!!!

  14. Sorry taken! ;)

  15. Thanks for the welcome!

  16. thanks! how's moscow?

  17. There was curiousity? For what mate?

  18. Woop, woop for Gisele!

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