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  1. Michalsky 48196765_131622701986651_5575248932442477054_n.mp4
  2. Gant FW20 ph: Anton Renborg source: talent and partner
  3. Anyone know who she is? New for Stradivarius
  4. {name}

    Cotton On model

    Wow, thanks @kimflorida!
  5. {name}

    Cotton On model

    Anyone know who she is?
  6. Isabel Marant FW20
  7. Thanks for the adds @wildestvibe. Here are some more from Closed's website. Glad she is getting work with European brands as I imagine working/traveling to the US would be difficult at this time.
  8. Behind the Blinds Magazine Issue 8 ph: Gregory Durkenne
  9. A couple more adds. Surprised there isn't more from this shoot on CK's website.
  10. GIADA Spring/Summer 2020 Leisure Collection
  11. Arket SS20 Photographer: Mattias Björklund Stylist: Isabelle Thiry Hair stylist: Kalle Eklund Make up artist: Regina Törnwall
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