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Found 9 results

  1. 176 cm / 79-62-89 Shoes: 40 Eyers: blue, Hair: blonde model book I Who: Jessie Alexander, 176 cm / 5’9″, Dutch, born September 2nd. Why: Wise beyond her years and with a beauty compelling in its simplicity, farm girl Jessie is ready to crop up in all the right places. Quickly developing confidence in front of the lens and drawing plenty of attention from major clients, this self-confessed klutz’s journey to the big leagues will be effortless. We Asked: What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you? “Cars! I really love them! Especially old timers such as Corvettes, Ford Mustang- people don’t expect me to like this but I love it! I have been to so many cars shows taking pictures of them. I might be the youngest at those events!” What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings? “I live in a farm, and my mom and my sister ride horses. We have 2 horses and a pony. I also ride them as it is a tradition in my family but I stopped it. I am a bit scared of them. A big part of my family family ride horses too. My father is a pilot. People think it is a bad thing but he is a pilot for 17 years and he travels a lot spending a long time flying, differently than a regular family whose dad works from 9 to 5. He is also a handy man who built a part of our house and the pool. I also have a younger brother! The best thing is the way we live. We like to spend time together here!” What’s the most difficult thing you have ever done? “When my dog passed away – this was the most mentally difficult thing for me to watch so far… Physically – I am not that excited to do very difficult things or big physically demanding activities. When I was younger I use to be scared of too many things, really a lot of things that are even considered simple and common! Just as an example: I was very scared of trains barriers and the noise it makes! My grandmother was living around a place where there was that and I didn’t even want to visit her because of that. While on the therapy I had to overcome my fears and go to this train place so I have learned to face whatever was frightening me and I know that this works for me now. I have been able to re-educate myself and my brain and I am always seeking a way to improve myself when I have a personal issue.”
  2. (2004) Angèle Blankenstein Dutch Date of Birth:1978? Place of Birth: Netherlands Hair:Dark Brown Eyes:Brown Height:175 cm Bust:86.5 cm Waist:58.5 cm Hips:86.5 cm Shoes:39 Magazine covers: US: New Woman April 1996 Italy: 'Anna' Spain: 'Marie Claire'; Advertisements: 'Mujer'Hana K , Ulla-Maija couture , FMD
  3. Daisy May from the Netherlands 175 cm, 79-64-90 Eyes: blue-green, Hair dark blonde-reddish
  4. L'Officiel (Russia) # 36 April 2002 ''Tops at Height''Photographer: Marc de GrootStylist: Yasmine EslamiModel: Mia Hessner-SovenskyMake-Up: Irena RubenHair: Claudio BelizanioMy Scans
  5. Jill de Jong Jill de Jong,also known as Jildou de Jong is a model and actress. Date of Birth: February 17,1982 Place of Birh: Hoogeveen,Netherlands Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green Height: 182 cm Measurements: 86.5-63.5-89 cm Advertisements: Avon,Bernd Berger,Escada 'Pacific Paradise' fragrance,Fa,L'Oreal,Polo Sport, Public Easy Wear,Ralph Lauren,St.Ives.. On March 21,2002,she was selected by Eidos Interactive as the Lara Croft character model for the Tomb Raider video game series.
  6. Vera Zaal from:Netherlands height: 180 cm 86/62/89 cm Ads Harrod's , vOg , covers Italy: 'Anna' - April 2001, March 2003 Spain: 'Vogue' - 2002 The Netherlands: 'Blvd.' - She played a role in the film "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" in 2004.
  7. DUTCH, the Magazine is a magazine about the Netherlands and its people, covering travel, society, culture, history, and food, and more. Model Carolyn Murphy in Gucci Spring 1997
  8. Harper's Bazaar Russia March 2002''Return to Eden''Photographer: Wendelien DaanStylist: Kusum LynnModels: Griet Troch,Arlette Monkewitz & Kathryn Seitz Hair: Guy LaurentMake up: Julie HarrisScanned by me
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