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  1. She allegedly got paid $14.5+ million USD for having that baby..
  2. Wow she did not look pregnant at any of the events she attended at all.
  3. Is she even with Two or Women anymore? She talks a lot about ""being a model"" but I literally see no recent work from her..?
  4. She's in the Polo Ralph Lauren Nautical Collection S/S 19.
  5. I believe that she and Wellington Grant are dating.
  6. could she be in Milan for Prada?
  7. Cute

    General Discussion

    Can someone kindly upload it onto Google Drive? I just want to watch the show, not download it. Thanks!
  8. Cute

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    need shawn's segment asap
  9. Cute

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    imagine singing the chorus 20 times
  10. Cute

    General Discussion

    This has probably been posted but I'm screaming. I use to like Alexina so much but the more she works with VS, the more cringey she is to me.
  11. Cute

    General Discussion

    Does anyone have that video on Winnie Harlow at the after party pink carpet that was on the VS instagram? They deleted the story before the 24 hour mark and I didn't save it she was being extra af and I was living for it so I hope someone saved it
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