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La Nouvelle Star


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Ok so i'm not sure this will interest a lot of people but i'm bored and have nothing better to do :p

This thread is dedicated to the 5th (or is it the 6th ?) season of La Nouvelle Star which is the French version of American Idol. I didn't particulary pay attention to that show the previous years but i saw the first episod last week (the first actual episod, after the castings) and found some of the contestants talented and endearing :hehe:

Here are the judges:

Marianne James


She's an amazing singer, a show-girl and she always says what's on her mind (she can be bold sometimes :p )

Manu Katché


He's a world-reknowed drum player who's played for some of the biggest international artists all over the world

Dove Attia


Huge French musical shows producer

André Manoukian


Song writter and manager (i think lol), he works with some of the biggest french stars

I'm going to post every contestant's performance from last week so that anyone who is interested can give their opinion, and it would also be nice to see how they compare to the contestants from other countries :p

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And here are my personal favourites (i also love Alex and i think Soma's a hottie but his remake of Mariah carey's hero sucked :p )

Julien - Like a virgin

Raphaelle - Yesterday

Pierre - La boîte de jazz [He is sooooooooo HOT :drool: ]

Tigane - Crazy

Martine - Ain't no mountain high enough

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I like watching the pre-selections...It's sooo funny!!

but mmm the prime isn't so interesting ...that being said Julien is very appealing!!!

i agree, the pre-selections are funnier but there are some good singers this year IMO... it's refreshing compared to Star Academy :p

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I just checked out their site (translated :laugh:) and i watched those vids and i must say i really liked Julien and Tigane. nice set of pipes they got. :yes: and that Soma and Pierre guy, yea, they're pretty cute :yes:

and Vincent, omg his version of JM's you give me something is weird.. :shock:

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