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Models with the WORST runway walk


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Some of these models I like but can't they learn to walk?




Selita reminds me of Donald Duck when she walks :ninja:

But Raquel ?? Naaa, she walks pretty good.

Rosie. Whenever she walks, she makes me thing shes gonna drop something :|

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I didn't notice Rosie's bad walk at VS, maybe because all of the other models walked badly aswell. *sigh* why can't all models walk like say Natasha?

Yesss....Nat and Gisele (Y)

1 thing i'd say.... Oluchi...OMG...she walks in a f*ckin turtle speed !!! :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

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can you post a vid of lara walking...i have not see it. Dont the agencies have people to train the girls? Because i know in Paris Miss J trains the girls to walk for the couture shows.....definetly Armani Prive and Galliano.....and they usually have the best walkers.

here's one where she falls :rofl:

Tasha is in the beginning btw :shifty:

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OMG. That fall.

I agree on Oluchi. Speed it up and put some sass behind that ass, girl!

Gisele has an amazing walk, so does Natasha. I like Karolina's walk too.

KK probably has the best turn also, besides Ale and Fernanda.

My fave walk of Gisele was in the VSFS 2002, Flamencos segment... flawless....flawless....

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