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That Time Of The Month


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Lol. I get bad PMS, I get really touchy about the smallest things. I don't get bad cramps, except for on the day that I start. I do have a sore back for about two days. And my breasts get soooo sore, literally, a week before I even start my period. It's awful sometimes.

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It usually depends on what I'm eatting at the time. Sometimes I have cramps so bad it feels like someone is carving out my lower stomach with a knife  <_<

same here. i get reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyy bad cramps, and i also get bad back pains... and i get bad pms too ... <_< i hate periods! :(

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I don't get cramps anymore, thank God. I think my biggest issue now is the mood swings. I can go from pissy one minute to upset to the point of tears for no reason. Sometimes I get odd food cravings too and to top it off I cannot stand my breast being touched let alone looked at.

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