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Nice, High Cheekbones


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sometimes i think they are supremely important, crucial only next to beautiful, sharp, dramatic eyes in order to achieve world-class beauty

sometimes i kinda forget about them, and forgot to cherish them and appreciate them, falling for other features like a girl's lips, nose, skin (and so much more!)

so i was thinking of doing a casual study, finding and comparing beautiful girls with "nice, high" cheekbones with others without!

let's begin...

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okay i guess they all look hot, the study is over!

just kidding.

hmm. i would say when placed next to each other, the girls with higher cheekbones, with that "swell" to their face that makes their mouths seem smaller and their eyes bigger, do in fact look more sensual and arresting.

(i made all pics b/w so we can compare shape over color, less distracting)

kim's face looks so flat and boring compared to christy and bo!

thoughts? dissenting opinions?

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I love Christy Turlington, but Bo not so much. Bo's cheekbones are MUCH more prominent than Christy's.

And I think Kim Smith is stunning.

Adriana Lima doesn't really have prominent cheekbones, in my opinion, but she's so very gorgeous with her light eyes and full mouth.

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Natasha's are too prominent for me. I like soft, feminine ( Adriana, Jessica Alba, Laetitia, Doutzen... ). Never was a fan of sharp features.

Bianca Balti has high cheek bones though! But her pretty eyes and pouty mouth offset the sharpness of her facial structure, I think.

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yes women are supposed to have soft high set round cheekbones. Men are supposed to be low set and angular. Alot of the models have masculin features...like gisele, natasha, eugenia thats why sometimes they kinda looks dragish but it looks good on camera. They are still lovely though. But i like girls who look more feminine and guys who looks more masculin...usualy.

The whole facial structure is so important for beauty imo...i would rather a girl with to much facial structure then hardly any.

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me to jennka....facial structure is soo important in any beauty. You need it basicly.

All of J-lo's facial beauty is just make up tricks....she's not ugly but that extra gorgeousness is all styling.

Agree with both statements :) J-lo is pretty, but as lots of stars, their gorgeousness is made by their stylists

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