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The Impossible Quiz


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105 :woot: So close to finishing! I hope you finish soon :) I haven't touched the quiz since I last gave up on question 92 :morning:

and yes miha, it is meant to be teh :yes: I don't normally like to use typos on purpose unless I'm being sarcastic but teh seems to be the exception :ermm: I really should change it back to the :p

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Haha :laugh: No, don't change it if you spelt it like that on purpose. I usually make that typo though when i type fast and not paying attention and I just thought that's what happened in your case :) I will try the quiz another day cause it is really stressing me out...I will have gray hairs before I turn 25 if i keep playing this right now...

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I know that feeling. How annoying is it when you have to keep starting again? :mad: I feel your pain! It was so bad trying to figure out some of the answers at the beginning when I had no answers and had to restart all the time because I couldn't guess the right answer :laugh:

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