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The Impossible Quiz


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you were also asked to remember 108 = 4 8 15 16 23 42

I recognised those numbers from lost but didn't know what 108 meant, but I figured it was the question number :yes: By the way, if you want to finish the game you can't use any of your skips :p

and thanks 100%ABB :hug:

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You guys are awsome!!! I keep getting stuck on that shooting star game.... But I know I'll get past it somehow... :ninja:

The game goes around in circles. Basically you should get the two skip arrows as well :ninja:

Just notice the pattern, the first skip arrow should arrive in the top left hand corner. The second one should streak through the middle of the screen from L to R and the shooting star should be right below it.

Basically what you need to do is cheat. When the game starts just right click your mouse and you can go anywhere without the rules applying. Then position your mouse and wait :ninja: If you miss out on the star or arrows just be patient and wait for the game to go through its cycle :flower:

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well it is not going round in circles but it still is a bit slow..!if you are back in season 2 though then you are up to big surprises! ...i do think that we are quite of topic


ok back on topic then :mellow:

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59. (i think). Charge my lazer ?

Just click like crazy in that thing's mouth and the laser will get bigger and bigger ....and then it will shoot at the bomb...you have to click like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

:rofl: Its sooo funny. HAHAHHA.....

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